are you up for a challenge?

are you up for a challenge?

While creating my post for the other ½ of my blog I came up with a challenge idea… (to see original post click here)

So… here is the Challenge:

Stop what you are doing, grab a sheet of paper (large or small) and a writing implement, think of someone you love, some one you like, someone who might be lonely, heck even that shop clerk who made you smile. Think about what you want to say and begin writing!!!

challenge-questionWrite you say??? Yep, using your very own handwriting (print or cursive) a simple note, a note of encouragement, a letter, or even a long letter. When you are finished find an envelope (or repurpose a envelope from some of that junk mail), address that puppy, add a stamp and take a picture of yourself with your letter (be sure to use your finger to cover the address) as I might post some of the pics you send! But wait there is more…

Once you have completed this part of the challenge either post it in the comment section of this blog post or e-mail your photo to me at [email protected] For this challenge please use #imbringingsnailmailback for the subject line and I will send each person who participates in the challenge – and – sends me a photo a little something.

And for the final part of that challenge, mail or hand deliver your letter and make someone’s day!

I am so grateful for all who accept the challenge – well lets face it I am grateful for you even if you don’t participate (but, please do).


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