mirror, mirror, make it monday…

Mirror, Mirror, ok so not on the wall but it does have to do with this weeks Make it Monday!

I love to learn new things and so I continue to participate in many crafting groups. Sunday I crafted with a group of women – we meet once a month to share ideas and create! This month we created this cute little mirror image card:

I wanted to replicate the card for you so here are the instructions for my take on the mirror image.

The technique is super easy and requires just a few tools.

First of all, you will need a MISTI® or similar stamp aliging tool, a cute stamp – mine is from the set “This Little Piggy” and a Silicone Craft Mat (both from Stampin’ Up!).

Let’s begin by placing the stamp (face down) on the left side of the paper (just left of center) on which you wish to stamp.

Using the lid of the MISTI® lift the stamp, and reposition the paper (be sure it is in the corner).

Ink the stamp and stamp the image. If you have a spot that did not stamp completely, no worries, that is the beauty of the MISTI® you just re-ink and stamp again.

Now leave the stamp in the same position on the lid for the next step!

Here comes the magic, remove the stamped paper and insert your silicone craft mat in the same spot (be sure it is in the corner).

Ink the stamp and stamp the image again, this time directly on the silicone craft mat.

Once you have the image on the silicone craft mat, carefully place the paper on which you previously stamped (with the stamped image face down) in the corner of the MISTI® and stamp again (sans ink).

Lift the paper and voilà you have an adorable mirrored image!

Next, complete your card (I plan on coloring mine), write a cheery note, address the envelope, stamp the envelope, insert the mirror-mirror card, drive to the post office (or walk to your mailbox), mail your card and make someones day!

Until next week – pax,

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