Silly Valentine

Ok so not so silly!!! But now that I have your attention…

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. The sugar overload is dissipating and flowers, while they are still blooming, will in a few days begin to fade.

Ok I promise there really is an upside to this… rather sad sounding post.

I received the most beautiful & thoughtful card from my sweet husband – Tom – we had a restful day at home and I cooked. Yes, I actually cooked. I like to cook… just don’t ever have the time! Thank you Tom for a wonderful Sunday <3

I had the opportunity to spend an hour or so in the Crafting Cave and made a few cards – which makes me happy. Earlier in the month I made a really fun Paper Pumpkin banner for Emily @ AU. She sent me a picture (see below)!

PP Banner @ AU

While not everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day (efm)… everyone does enjoy getting something besides a bill & junk mail in their mailbox. Don’t you? I know I do!

Well I have set a goal this year – to put a handmade card or a note in the mail everyday this year! So far – not so good only a few – but that ends today!

If you want to com join me in the Crafting Cave and make a few cards (birthday, hello, sympathy, etc.) just call me or email me – [email protected] – and lets get together!


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