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Blessings abound!!!

I am one of those rare people who love what they do and get to share what they love – I love stamping, creating, meaningful gifting, and all things paper. And now that I am retired from the daily grind, I have more time to do what I love!

One of my most cherished books combines two of my favs, The Art of the Handwritten Note: A Guide to Reclaiming Civilized Comunication by Margaret Shephard ISBN-13: 978-0767907453, it gives me inspiration and the desire to continue this almost lost art of communication.

Come join me, create a little excitement and “civilized communication” along with discovering “meaningful gifts” for your next gift giving opportunity and the mailboxes of your family & friends!

I look forward to helping you creating those amazing cards, to help you find that “just perfect” gift, or to help you organize a fun project day/night with friends and, of course, share with you my journey.

There is much joy to be found just outside of your comfort zone.

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Until then –

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