This week’s Make It Monday is all about name tags. I needed name tags for a team building event this week. The company is a auto dealership and one of the make/model that they sell is Jeep. So I traced a silhouette of a Jeep, cut the cardstock for the base, added names to the shape, added registration marks, printed the names and finally cut the top layer. Once everything was cut out, glue was applied and then the final touch – adhesive name tag pins. And just like that we have personalized name tags created with our Silhouette!

While the name tags are currently a bit plain but never fear one of the projects for the class is to trick out (decorate) their jeep!

The rest of the afternoon will find us all creating a custom hot mess canvas, as well as, a spaghetti & marshmallow team building event.

Pictures to follow 🙂

Want to get together to create your own hot mess canvas or learn how to use your Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Curio, Silhouette Portrait? Check out the upcoming classes or schedule classes in your home or mine.

Until next Monday – happy crafting!