Thankful, Grateful Blessed!

The day began with a quick trip to Alabama to renew our childhood tradition. Growing up, every Thanksgiving, we would travel to Lincoln – from wherever we were stationed – to moms quaint hometown to spend with family! Grandmother and Grandaddy Watson would have their two children (Jimmie & Eleanor) and their families for a feast & of course the most important game of the year – the Iron Bowl!

This year we returned to Lincoln, fewer of the original members, for a larger gathering of our current families. Sheri & Vic (my first cousin) hosted the entire crazy crew at their home not far from our original gathering spot (just a hop, skip, and a jump away).

We found ourselves surrounded by much love, contagious laughter & delicious food!

YES it has been since Thanksgiving since I began this post… now it is March! Ok so I am a slacker… but I am still very THANKFUL that we all spent time together!

Since Thanksgiving we have been back to Lincoln to lay to rest Aunt RobbieMaye. While this was a very sad occasion it was also one filled with Joy. Joy that she is now with Jesus & Jimmie – heck of a combo… I suspect that Uncle Jimmie has shown her around heaven and she has embraced Jesus!

I have learned since then that one of my aunt’s favorite bible verse was Psalms 118:24 “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.” And I find myself thinking more about this verse and wonder why I don’t live this verse more. So my challenge to myself is to rejoice in the Lord and be glad that He made this beautiful day!!! Even if that day does not look like “I” think it should – for whatever reason.

So today as I watch some March Madness, I think of my own madness just a few short years ago, and I am Thankful that I am no longer “there”, Grateful that He opened the gates of hell and let me out, and I am Blessed beyond measure!

Peace Y’all