And now the guest begin to arrive!

The “Master” Grad – Mike Stover (sorry the photo is blurry)!

Friends & family of the grads (Mike & Emily) from Auburn, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Montgomery & beyond begin to arrive. Speaking of beyond, check this out, two of Emily’s friends fly in from Boston for the soirée – cool right? Laura came in town for her beau’s graduation (they celebrated with us before Miles graduation dinner) and one snuck into town without Emily’s knowledge. Enter stage right – sweet Eliza – Emily is beyond happy that all of her friends have come to her graduation party!

Drew and Emily BEST buddies!

We have got your basic babysitting buddies, HSP buddies, HSCC buddies, Wire Road tailgate buddies, Tigerette buddies, BEST Buddies (Drew has been Emily’s BEST buddy since the beginning), former roommates & nursing school buds! Everything is going smoothly and we are quite snug in our little AirBNB – Orange & Blue Game Day house.

Orange and Blue Gameday House, 715 W. Drake Street, Auburn AL

My sweet Tom suggests that we all go outside so that he can gather everyone together to congratulate the grads & to thank them all for join us on this AUsome day! After a few minutes we finally make it outside and Tom begins his remarks.

ta ta for now…