And so it continues…

We make it back to the Auburn Arena just in time, secure 4 seats (together) that are actually in a great spot, and we wait (just a few minutes) for the commencement to begin!

One of the first groups up  – Mike Stover – congratulations friend… you did it!!! Masters in hand across the stage he goes – Woo Hoo!!! Rumor has it that Mike & Peyton will walk across the stage together when Peyton gets her Undergraduate & Mike his Ph.D. but that is a few more years so rest for a bit Mike you have done well. Hey and totally cool you got to shake hands with all the big guys at AU but none more AUsome than the wonderful Grant Davis.

Last group is the School of Nursing! Emily and her buds (Kelly Anne, Adie & Jessie) make sure that they are the last to cross the stage. Totally stoked when they call Emily’s name… all that hard work paid off in spades! So proud of you baby girl 🙂 Just before exiting the stage, Emily gets a big hug from Grant Davis. Cherry on the top! For those of you that don’t know Nancy & Grant Davis… you are missing out. Fantastic people who raised a phenomenal daughter – Hilary Davis MacIsaac <3

Time for a few photos…

Emily, Adie, Jessie & Kelly Anne

Now for the obligatory family shots… no really they were fun but it was hot!

the Fam

Three Generations – Grandmomma, Emily & Momma!

For now… the Emily & Michael “the boyfriend (tee hee hee)”

Now back to the house for a quick break before the party!