This rainy morning,  ok almost mid-day, Emily and I ventured out to this adorable coffee shop in Roswell. I to work on designs, and Emily to wrap up one of her last official assignments.

While we were sitting across the table from each other, eating quiche (tomato & goat cheese) and sipping on coffee (yeah, I know I don’t drink coffee), I witnessed many people with their face stuck in a computer (mine, too), ear buds in their ears & not really interacting. But all is not lost… many more of them were chatting away with friends, laughing at crazy antics, and there was even a discussion of a sibling attending Greek Camp (no, not at our table). Polite exchanges when the FedEx man showed up, the gentle rain continued to fall just outside the window, and several languages were being spoken around us (other than southern)!

Really not sure where I am going with this post other than to say…

I really love watching people (not in a stalker way), I love spending time with our daughter, and this little oasis affords me the opportunity to do both!

So if you are ever in Roswell stop by Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company order up your favorite joe, and sit a while… I don’t think you will be disappointed!