Choose Joy!!!

At this stage in my life, I want more joy and I find it helps me to be in fit spiritual condition!!!

In September, with 16+ years with one school, I called it quits. After having some time to reflect on the “reasons” here is what I discovered. I did not leave because I didn’t like the students, quite the opposite, I love and miss them. Nope, I didn’t leave because of the faculty, as they are some of the finest men and women I have had the pleasure to meet. And, no I did not leave because of the admin team, as they have a difficult job on a good day! Pure and simple – I – was no longer able to see the joy in my life!

A very wise woman and dear friend lives by this simple motto “Choose Joy!” Her outlook on life had a very positive impact on me, and I too found my self wanting to choose joy! So I began my search for the things that kept me from having and for the things that brought me joy!

I have discovered I really don’t like sitting in traffic – in Atlanta it is almost impossible to avoid. I have discovered that not being able to look out a window takes a toll on me as I desire to see/feel sun, rain, clouds, snow, whatever it going on outside in God’s world. 11 of my 17 years at the school, neither office I occupied, gave me a view outside.

These days, I begin my day, by thanking God for the ability to experience his amazing handiwork and I make a conscience effort to choose joy!

Throughout the course of the day my joy presents in many different ways…

  • Sitting outside (even if it is just for 15-20 minutes) to soak up His love.
  • Playing with Lutzie, our pound pup.
  • Playing with paper, ink & general paper crafting – my favorite go to activity.
  • Helping my Mother and Tom’s parents whenever and for whatever they might need my assistance.
  • Cooking dinner (with the help of Hello Fresh) and so far I have only burned a few things.
  • Watching my sweet husband, Tom, kill it on the tennis court!
  • Chatting daily (sometimes multiple times) with Emily (our daughter) brings me much joy. Emily is in her last semester of the School of Nursing @ Auburn University.
  • Reconnecting with friends.
  • Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, twice a month.
  • And, the icing on the cake, running two small business that bring me a bit of green and loads of joy. If you want, you can find out more about them both by clicking on the links just below my blog header.

All in all, it boils down to following:

trust God

clean house

help others

If I can do that on a daily basis, I will remain spiritually fit. Remaining spiritually fit fills me with joy and that my friends is exactly what I was lacking – joy!!!

I would love to know what brings you joy??? And, do you find yourself making an effort to Choose Joy???