I discovered this on my photo roll on my phone today, created by i believe.com, and I felt compelled to write about the words posted on this particular photo!

I would like to say that these words always come to my mind when I find myself struggling, or when I am in pain, but that would not be the truth. I need to be reminded of these words… I have a great forgetter!

The thing that I do need to remember is that God does have a purpose for all my pain, a reason for all my struggles, and a reward for my faithfulness!

Purpose for my pain? Yep, sometimes I need to be motivated to take care of myself. Sometimes that motivation comes in the form of pain – physical pain. Currently, I am dealing with a rotator cuff issue and until the pain got to be AWFUL I didn’t go to the doctor. Guess what? I went to an ortho and as a result, I’ll be going to PT for four weeks and then we reevaluate. Sound strange… well for me… not really. I need that nudge to take care of myself (see below for more about this little nugget)!

Reason for my struggles? WOW, that is a tough one. I have had struggles in my life, many of my own making, some not so much! Selfishness – I never imagined to be one of them… but yes I was VERY selfish. And walking through these struggles with others has allowed me to have a real spiritual connection. How you ask? Well its like this…I can’t, He can, I’ll let Him! Huh? I can’t control everything in my life and believe me I tried – over and over. He can and He does daily provide for me, if only I get out of His way and let him. So… I’ll let Him!

Does this mean that I walk with my head in the clouds every day – NOT A CHANCE! However, I am now aware that when things start to go sideways, I can seek His will in my life and strangely enough things take a turn in the right direction. And if I continue to seek His will I am rewarded for my faithfulness.

So I will continue to trust HIM and never give up!