Ok, oK, OK!!!

For my Bama friends… congrats on the W!

To my AU family… I am grateful for each of you! I am also, grateful that we did not have the season predicted early on, and that we are still going bowling! And, yes it’s always “great to be an Auburn Tiger – WDE!”

Now that the “elephant” in the room has been cleared – so to speak – on with the post.

The season of thanks & giving is upon us and I would like to share those things for which I am thankful!

  • Football Rivalrys: Yes, I am thankful that we all can enjoy a little friendly ribbing and escape from the hectic pace of our lives. And even though I said a prayer for an AU win… you just can’t win ’em all! In my opinion nothing else compares to Iron Bowl weekend!
  • Family: So thrilled – in spite of the fact that I had not one, but two huge holes in my celling due to water leaks – we were able to have 14 members of our family together for a Thanksgiving feast! In addition to our little family & sweet MK we had:  Tom’s parent’s; my mom; J, C & M; N, W, K & M (names omitted to protect the innocent).
  • Medical Advancements: My brother just recently had a successful triple bypass and was back home 3 days post op. Talk about advancements. I am truly grateful to the doctors, surgeons, nurses, tech & staff of Parkview West Hospital, Knoxville, TN for their care of my brother & his family from throughout the entire process.
  • Health: Even though my little family are all currently sporting some sort of illness… nothing is life threatening and with the help of antibiotics we all will recover!
  • Technology: What a cool thing technology is these days! We get to stay in touch with those who are not able to gather with us during the holidays. Love me some facebook, texting, e-mail, cellphones & face time!
  • Paper & Challenges: Yep paper! I love creating and crafting with paper. I adore getting mail (not bills, not junk mail). I’m thankful for the USPS who still delivers my mail. And I am especially for those who understand my passion for the almost lost art of writing a letter, note, thank you, etc. and I am thankful for challenges! If you are looking for a challenge (to some the challenge is bigger) why not join me in a little experiment? Click here for more information!faith
  • FAITH: This is the thing that I am most thankful/grateful for – my faith! A few of my favorite Faith quotes, 1) “Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible.” I am not sure who came up with the quote, however,  it is based on Luke 1:37 when Gabrielle tells Mary about her relative Ruth, advanced in age and barren, “…is in her 6 month. For nothing is impossible with God.”  2) Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote “Faith is taking the first step even you can’t see the whole staircase.” and finally, 3) “Faith is not knowing what the future holds but knowing, who holds the future!My Faith is so much bigger than my fears these days and that gives me such peace & freedom.

I would love to hear what you are thankful for! So, either comment on this post or send me an e-mail:

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and as an extra perk, each person who comments or emails will be entered into a drawing for a reminder in the form of a gift, “count your blessings” just in time for this Meaningful Gift giving season! One lucky winner* will be drawn on 12/4 and the winner will be announced here on my blog.

*Please note the lucky winner will need to send me their mailing address so that the gift can be mailed as early as, Monday, 12/5/16.