ponder this...

In our crazy mixed up world is faith your best accessory?

This post began as a way to encourage you to contact me about beginning your own faith-based home business (see initial post below):

“Christian Bling is a fantastic faith-based business that allows me to earn a little extra money, but more importantly, the opportunity to share my faith. You just never know where you might be given the opportunity to share your faith. Maybe that opportunity will be on the playground, during an appointment, perhaps at your children’s after school activities, maybe even in line at the grocery store or your local coffee shop! If you are interested in Christian Bling, I would love to assist you with your own…”

While all of the above is still true and important to me, somewhere along the way, I was nudged in a different direction…

Sometimes we begin the faith conversation, and sometimes the conversation is started for us. Either way, sharing His message is something we all can do. In fact, sharing His message is something we are called to do! Awkward though my attempts may be – the only failed attempt, is the one never attempted – I am willing to share His message whenever the opportunity is presented. Nope, I’m not a scholar, nor am I someone who can quote copious amounts of scripture, I do a much better job of remembering hymns (just wired that way). So if you are looking for either a scholar or someone who can recite scripture verbatim – I am not your girl – but I feel pretty sure I might know someone who will “fit that bill.” If needed, I am willing to make the introduction to same should you require one or the other!

I don’t know who God decides to put in my path, or even why he chooses some of them, and I many not ever know – I do know that He has a sense of humor! The thing is, I do not have to know who or why, I just need to be open to do His will. I seek to do His will and some days I do okay, and some days I let the noise of life get in the way. Let’s be honest, most days I fail Him miserably – thankfully He never fails me!

If you are looking for a way to share your faith, or even searching for a place to begin the journey, reach out to me. I am so grateful that I “get” the opportunity to be of service to all of God’s children and perhaps share my journey of faith complete with many twists and turns!

I encourage you to be open and willing to seek Him and His will for your life!