This morning as I anxiously await my call from apple care (tech support) I am listening to the most beautiful sounds – birds! While technology can be an awesome way to connect and share… when it does not work it is awful! First world problems right?

As I am following the steps from the technician (who I have on speakerphone) she comments about the beautiful birds in the background! Oh God is so good… He uses technology to bring me back to Him!

When our phone call was over…  I took the time to actually listen to the beautiful songs God has provided to us all. In the midst of our busy lives, our overwhelming technological leashes, there is God! He is always with us… we just need to seek!

So… I am going to bid you farewell and go spend some awesome – much needed – quality time with God!

Enjoy this fantastic Sunday!

“Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord!” Psalm 150:6