Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has plans for us to prosper – wow – amazing!

God has plans for me/you to prosper and with Him on my/our side how can I/we fail? Well the first thing that pops into mind, is well, what comes to my mind! If I am not in constant contact with Him, seeking His will, I am left to my own devices and that my friend could be very dangerous.

I have many times in my life tried and failed to run my own life, without paying attention to what He has planned for me, and guess how that turned out? Not so good!

I continue to seek His will in my life. Some days I don’t “hear” His voice, instead I find my self experiencing a gentle nudge towards the right answer, or the overwhelming sensation that I should not do something.

Today, I am filled with an abundance of His amazing Graces in my life. I have hope and a future – thanks be to God! I pray for His will in my life and the power to carry that will out.

His will, not mine!

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