The following hymn was featured in the Magnificat ©, February 2016, Vol. 17, No.12, pg 266


No weight of gold or silver
can measure human worth;
no soul secures its ransom
with all the wealth of earth;
no sinners find their freedom
but by the gift unpriced,
the Lamb of God umblemished,
the precious blood of Christ.

Our sins, our griefs and troubles,
he bore and made his own;
we hid our faces from him,
rejected and alone.
His words are for our healing,
our peace is by his pain:
behold, the Man of sorrows,
the Lamb for sinners slain!

In Christ the past is over,
a new world now begins.
with him we rise to freedom
who saves us from our sins.
We live by faith in Jesus
to make his glory known:
behold, the Man of sorrows,
the Lamb upon his throne!

When I read this on Wednesday I instantly knew what my next post would be about.

Measure human worth” – and – “with all the wealth of earth.” There was a time in my life (actually not so long ago) that I did not believe that I was worthy of anything, anyone and especially not worthy of God! During those days, months, years, I was robotic in my actions I got up in the morning – made it through the day – went home, went to bed and repeated my actions the following day. I really struggled to fill my life with things: shopping, food, drinking. I complained about everyone and everything… it (what ever it was) was never my fault. I was selfish and self-centered to the core.

“We hid our faces from him, rejected and alone.” One night, a night that I now know can only be attributed to God doing for me what I could not do for myself, I was given the Grace of clarity. He entered my soul and at that moment I knew with complete certanity that I was in need of help. A few months later, with the help of some fantastic folks, I discovered that the help I needed was help that only He could give me!

In Christ the past is over, a new world now begins. with him we rise to freedom who saves us from our sins.” My journey these days is not problem free, oh no, I can still create a huge mess of things by trying to live in MY will, not HIS. The blessing today for me is that I know, I know without doubt, that He has washed me clean. I am worthy of His love. Today I get to (not have to) be of service to all God’s kids- young and old!

Thank you God for the gift of your amazing and abundant Graces in my life.


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